Enargia provides business and technology services to participants in energy and other commodities markets, intermediates and institutions.


We are committed to delivering customized innovative and holistic solutions for trading, management of production and infrastructure, logistics, and markets’ regulation. Enargia assists its clients identify new business opportunities, provides development consulting services and builds customized high-end IT solutions for the whole range of operations from the front-desk to the back-office.


In the core of our services lie advanced analytics and operations research which assist our clients in developing business insight so that they draw up better decisions. Enargia though, is more than this:


  • we develop full-range end-to-end solutions from the collection, management and analysis of business data, up to automation of operations,

  • we provide “quantified consulting” for long-term decisions,

  • we support our clients in managing change so that they take the most out of our solutions and strategic advice.


And finally, we leave the control to you. While our solutions are designed to automate the trivial tasks and enhance your insight with effective analyses and optimization algorithms, you will make the final decisions based on the combination of easy-to-build alternatives.


In a nutshell, Enargia is committed to help its clients improve drastically business intelligence so that they make better, fact-based business decisions.

We bring knowledge and purpose together for our clients

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