Enargia supports its clients on challenging real life decision making problems of a wide range, like:

  • assets management; optimization of power generating units, production plants, distribution networks, conveyance fleets, and other resources,
  • performance increase in competitive markets, where fast transformation of data and information into actionable knowledge is critical,
  • fundamentals’ analyses and decision-making for long-term positions,
  • optimization of logistics (production and procurement, storage and distribution networks, fleet management, routing and staffing,,
  • markets’ design, regulation and reforms; response to changes in the business environment


You can trust Enargia when:

  • you are operating in a competitive environment where you need to be efficient and fast in the implementation of new and innovative solutions,
  • you are facing issues asking for a team of experts in diversified knowledge fields,
  • you need workable cutting edge solutions which bring together all the ends of an issue.





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